General terms of Web Hosting services

1. General terms

1.1. These General Terms of the Web Hosting Services shall apply to all the Service Contracts entered into for the use the Web Hosting Services provided by Radicenter.

1.2. In addition to this, the General Terms of the Services of Radicenter apply to the Web Hosting Services.

2. Description of Service

2.1. Web Hosting Service (hereinafter the Service) is a Server Service, in case of which the Customer gets into its use a virtual server resources according to the package chosen by the Customer for the administration of the domain name or names.

Parameters of the Service depend on the package chosen by the Customer. Detailed information about the Service is available at

2.2. Customer can get help upon the use of the Service from the Radicenter website at, e-mail address and phone +372 50 58 656

3. Use of the service

3.1. Customer is entitled to use the Service for storing the Customer’s websites, e-shops and other applications and materials and / or presenting thereof to the public, creating and/or using e-mail address(es).

3.2. Customer undertakes to make with sufficient frequency backup copies for himself of the files and other information kept on the Server.

3.3. Customer undertakes to keep the software installed by the Customer, updated in order to ensure its security.

3.4. Customer is liable for the contents of the Server allocated to the Customer. Customer undertakes not to host on server:

– IRC script and IRC robots (IRC bot)

– Proxy service and all other anonymity scripts

– Pirate software and “warez” -type websites

– PTC (paid to click) / PTS (paid to sign up) / PPC (paid per click) web sites

– Spy ware for IP addresses

– Brute Force software and scripts

– Software and scripts that allow mass mailing

– Audio or video streaming

– MUD / RPGs / PBBGs web pages

– Websites for incitement to violence, hatred, racism or harassment

– Web sites helping or inciting computer crime

– Any web page encouraging illegal activity

– Dissemination of pirate software and other illegal content on the Internet

– Web pages created for stealing personal data, access passwords and money

– Materials infringing copyrights and / or trademark rights

– Phishing websites designed to steal passwords

– Computer viruses, websites referring to computer viruses, web site forwarding visitors to a computer virus virus, websites that teach and encourage the creation and use of computer viruses;

– Materials that are in conflict with the laws in the Republic of Estonia, generally accepted ethical standards, other laws and practices, as well as the rights of third parties

– It is prohibited to disclose materials that violate the rights of minors, including, but not limited to, any reference to pornography of minors. Websites that publish or refer to such materials are immediately terminated without notice. Information about such activities will be forwarded to the relevant law enforcement agencies.

3.5. Radicenter is entitled to issue mandatory precepts to the Customer for the termination of any illegal activity relating to the use of the Web Hosting Service, also is Radicenter entitled to remove such materials itself.

Radicenter shall reserve itself the right as the person holding the respective technical information to decide whether the activities of the Customer are burdening, disturbing, damaging the Server or not, and thus to suspend the service to the Customer in case of need by reasoning its decision to the Customer.

4. Server technical maintenance

4.1. Radicenter performs server maintenance nightly between 2 AM and 4 AM. During the maintenance window, service interruptions may (but do not neccessarily) occur.

5. Suspension of the Web Hosting service

5.1. Radicenter is entitled to immediately suspend the provision of the Web Hosting Service to the Customer if:

5.1.1. Software, scripts, or other applications used by the Customer cause failures on/of the Server, cause overloads, or hinder Radicenter in any other way upon provision of the services;

5.1.2. Internet attacks are aimed at the Customer (including DoS and DDoS attacks);

5.1.3. The Customer does not comply with the precept of Radicenter referred to in clause 3.5 .

6. Liability of parties

6.1. Radicenter shall not be liable for any loss caused by:

6.1.1. Failures caused by any software used by the Customer on the Server;

6.1.2. Acts or omissions of the Customer upon administration of the Server, incl. the contents of the materials kept and published by the Customer on the Server, or e-mails sent by the Customer or under the addresses belonging to the Customer in the course of using the Server Service;

6.1.3. Potential interruptions, Internet attacks arising from any load and / or failures caused by third persons to the Server;

6.1.4. Spread of viruses on Customer Web Hosting account;

6.2. The Customer shall indemnify for any loss, which arose in connection with any damage to the Server caused by the software or application used by the Customer, or hindering the operation of Radicenter.

6.3. The liability of Radicenter for providing the Service is limited to the cost of one month of the Service.

7. Expiry of the contract

7.1. Radicenter shall send a message to the Customer 30 days prior to the expiry of the term of the Service Contract specifying the opportunity to extend it.

7.2. If Service is not renewed, Contract will be automatically terminated after 30 days.

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