Radicenter partner program: together we offer the best service to even more customers

Do you wish to offer your customers a simple, fast and functional web hosting service? Become our partner!

How does the partner program work?

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Check out the conditions of the partner program. Then fill out the form for joining the partner program.

We will activate your partner status

Once we have received the application and confirmed it, we will activate partner status for your customer account and your unique promo code.

Share the promo code

Share the promo code with your customers.
If you or your client orders a web hosting service from us and makes a one-year advance payment, he/she will receive a -50% discount on the web hosting service (ie half a year of web hosting completely free!).


1.1    The purpose of the Radicenter OÜ (“Radicenter”) partner program (“program”) is to involve Radicenter’s existing customers in the marketing of Radicenter’s services and to recognize and support active recommenders.

1.2    Any Radicenter’s client who is a legal person and has submitted a membership application to Radicenter and whose application has been approved by Radicenter can be a member of the program (“partner”). The applicant for membership confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions. When approving or rejecting a membership application, Radicenter takes into account the applicant’s customer experience, payment behavior, etc., but does not have to justify its decision to the applicant.

1.3    The partner’s membership in the program ends
(a) if the partner informs Radicenter of his/her wish to leave the program
(b) upon termination of the customer agreement contract between the partner and Radicenter
(c) if Radicenter informs the partner of its decision to terminate the membership
(d) when Radicenter informs the partner and/or the public of its decision to terminate the program.
The partner does not have to justify his/her desire to leave, nor does Radicenter for its decisions.

2.1    Radicenter gives the partner a personal promo code, which the partner can distribute at the time and in the way he/she chooses at his own discretion, and through which it is possible to order Radicenter services on discounted terms.

2.2    At the moment these terms and conditions enter into force, it is possible to order web hosting packages Starter, Business and Business+ with promo codes, while Radicenter gives each subscriber of the service (“subscriber”) ordered using the promo code a discount of 50% of the price of the web hosting service for the first year. The discount is only valid for the one year advance payment made at the time of joining, and not when extending the service later.

2.3    Radicenter can change the selection of services ordered through promo codes and the discounts given to subscribers at any time at its discretion, informing the partner and/or the public.

2.4   If the promo code has not been used within the last 6 months, the promo code will expire and the partner’s membership will be terminated.

5.1    To the extent that a partner can only be a legal entity that has a valid customer contract with Radicenter, in matters not regulated in these terms and conditions, the Radicenter OÜ service conditions apply to the relations between Radicenter and the partner, with possible differences agreed in the customer contract.

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