At Radicenter, you can use the functional and easy to use cPanel management interface to manage your web hosting account.

Why is the cPanel hosting panel so popular?
+ It is made simple and understandable for the customer
The cPanel screen is divided into separate sections, which makes it very easy to use and find the tools you need
+ With wide functionality
The cPanel interface includes, for example, SiteBuilder as a website builder and Installatron for installing web applications – there are many different tools!
+ Behind cPanel is a large development team that always helps with more complex problems and ensures a quick solution!
+ The cPanel interface has a large user base
Information about cPanel possible problems and concerns reaches the development team early and concerns are promptly resolved. The needs and wishes of the users are also taken into account when developing the product.
+ Mobile friendly
A mobile application is also available for convenient management of services.

You can check out the cPanel demo environment:

Radicenter is official and certified cPanel NOC partner since 2019.

Our cPanel servers have a lot of additional functionality in addition to what is already available in cPanel

We use the secure CloudLinux OS Shared Pro operating system and its addons, which are always patched and on the latest versions
incl. also patched older PHP versions, which most service providers do not offer!

Servers have the ImunifyAV malware scanner and our Pro and Ultimate packages also have the ImunifyAV+ malware removal capability with a couple clicks. Both automatic and manual scans help keep your web hosting account secure. More information can be found in the guide HERE


PHP-Xray website speed optimization tool is also available to our customers. As a website owner, you can activate statistics about your website with a couple of mouse clicks via the administration panel, and by going to the website and trying to recreate slow requests, the X-ray program can get a more accurate overview of a possible bottleneck. A more detailed overview can be found in the manufacturer’s video HERE

Installatron is a easy and innovative website management application that works with a few mouse clicks.
You can conveniently install/backup/manage the content management system of your website as well as add new ones.
Ability to activate automatic website CMS security updates and backup so, that everything on the website is always up-to-date

In Radicenter’s web hosting package, all customers can use Site Builder, a content management system for creating free home pages.

Site Builder is a tool for creating simple home pages using a ready-made theme with a graphical management interface.
You can find more detailed information HERE

A quick overview of the cPanel administration panel

We have also prepared a guide based on the most frequently asked questions, which can be found HERE

Administration of services via different subsections

In the FILES subsection, you can conveniently manage your account files through the web-based File Manager, as well as create/restore backups, manage FTP accounts and folder password protection, and much more.

In the EMAIL subsection, you can easily manage the mail service of all domains associated with your account.
Create e-mail accounts, check the delivery of e-mails, manage filters (including spam filters), e-mail lists, …

In the DOMAINS subsection, you can Add, change and manage your ordered domains and their associated DNS records and redirects. Also to do the same with subdomains.

In the DATABASES subsection, you can manage the MySQL databases in your account and settings related to those.
There is also a pre-installed phpMyAdmin web interface for easier management of the content and structure of MySQL databases.

In the SECURITY subsection, you can manage account security. Also, SSL certificates as well as scanning for malware and assigning a firewall service to domains via ModSecurity.
You can add/activate two-factor authentication 2Fa to your account (most web hosting providers do not have this capability!)

The SOFTWARE subsection contains management applications for additional software on the account. There you’ll find simple support for NodeJS, Ruby, and Python apps, as well as Installatron’s simple add-on installer and SiteBuilder free website builder.
There’s also an X-Ray app that you can use to examine your website’s speed concerns for potential bottlenecks, if there should be any.

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