In Radicenter, you can use the imunifyAV+ malware scanner to detect malware in your web hosting account and to remove malware in Pro and Ultimate packages.

With this tool, you can check the files on your web hosting account and, if malware is present, identify which files contain malware. In addition to malware, imunifyAV+ also detects vulnerabilities in older web software.

Malware is also automatically checked on our servers and the customer is notified if malware is present.
It is also possible for the client to check for malware manually using the immunifyAV+ tool.

You can find instructions to remove the malware HERE.

imunifyAV is available in all web hosting packages.
In Pro and Ultimate packages, it is possible to remove malware with one click.

Keeping websites free of malware is very important to protect websites and it's visitors.

ImunifyAV+ thoroughly scans files and accurately detects malicious code, reporting any problems on websites.

immunifyAV+ is able to detect files containing malware, incl. backdoors, web-shell interfaces, viruses, hacking tools, 'blackhat' SEOs, scripts, phishing websites and many more.

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