We have been operating since 2001, we have many years of experience

We have professionals with long-term experience in their field who can help You even with more complex issues.

We use cPanel, the world's most popular administrative interface

cPanel is fast, easy and convenient to use - no additional technical skills are required from the customer

We can host multiple domains in a single web hosting package for an affordable premium

You don't need to order a separate web hosting package for each domain, you can cheaply host all domains (including web pages and email accounts) in one package - that's a big saving!

We keep automatic backups for 6 months. Unbeatably the longest backup retention time

If necessary, you can restore your website or emails even from a backup that is up to 6 months old.
Backups are stored safely ``off-site``, i.e. in a separate datacenter.

The customer can also make a backup copy of the entire web-hosting account and settings (as well as separate databases/files/domain settings) and save it separately.

Discounts starting from the 10th web hosting account

If you have 10-24 web hosting accounts, the discount is -5%
If you have 25-49 web hosting accounts, the discount is -10%
If you have 50 or more web hosting accounts, the discount is -15%

We are reseller friendly

In order for us to be even more useful to each other, we have created a partner program for you.

We are an international service provider

Operating in international markets gives us more experience and helps us to better understand our customers wishes and needs.

Radicenter is the largest and most well-known cPanel web hosting provider in Estonia

We have a lot of experience! We are Certified cPanel Specialists and an official cPanel NOC Partner.

Our web hosting packages include various security add-ons

SPF and DKIM - for email reliability and security

SpamAssassin - Spam filter and email filters

ModSecurity WAF - website firewall service with international OWASP rules

Patched PHP versions - we also have older secured PHP versions that are not provided by most service providers.

Directory privacy - you can easily secure web folders with an additional password

Two-step authentication - 2Fa authentication can be activated in the administration panel, which ensures secure login

ImunifyAV+ – malware scanner in all packages and one-click malware removal (Pro and Ultimate packages)

Our web hosting packages come with a variety of simple add-ons

Installatron - a tool that simplifies the installation of applications
With Installatron, you can install the most common applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc., to your account with a few clicks of a button. Installatron also enables application updates, backups and restores from backups

SiteBuilder - a simple website builder, anyone can do it!
In Radicenter, you can create your website quickly and easily using the SiteBuilder tool - you don't need to be a specialist to create your own beautiful website!

Our web hosting packages come with free SSL certificates

SSL support for the website and free SSL certificates are activated by default in our packages.
Customers also have the option to order/activate paid SSL certificates directly from their management panel via the cPanel store.

You can register and manage several different domains at the same time

Through us, it is possible to register different domains even at the same time!
We are recognized by the .EE domain registry with Elite Partner status and are official .FI domain registrar
We are also a trusted and recognized reseller of OPENSRS domain service.

Radicenter 2024
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