Kenneth Pea
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Kristjan Tarjus

Alvin Samm

Radicenter is a company whose history began 24 years ago — in 1999, when the idea to start providing web hosting services and domain name registration was born. In 2001, we founded the company Netpoint Systems OÜ. We have operated under the brand name Netpoint, later also under Serverimaailm (Serverimaailma in Finland). By 2009, we had developed a considerable international customer base, and therefore decided to introduce a single pan-European brand name, Radicenter. Radicenter OÜ was then founded.

During these 24 years, we have seen and solved all kinds of problems and acquired considerable experience. We have developed distinct values. When it comes to web hosting, we consider speed and reliability, professional customer service, and security together with protection of customer data to be the most important.

Web hosting is not purchased for a few months or a few years, but is needed for the entire duration of a company’s life. Web sites and e-mail must function 24/7. Therefore, it is important that the web hosting provider is a trustworthy and reliable partner who you can fully depend on. Radicenter is such a partner for your company.

Radicenter 2023
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