Helpdesk contacts are:

How to get a faster solution?

Exact information on the error occurred will speed up the problem detection and solving process.
Here are some tips.

  • – Always start the messages telling us what domain problem on concerns
  • – Screenshot about errors occurred often tells more than a thousand words

1. If you are having problems sending or receiving e-mails from e-mail
programme (Outlook, Thunderbird)

  1. Make sure the e-mail sending and receiving works via Webmail (for example,
  2. Check if your email program uses account  settings that are listed HERE
  3. When reporting an error, please send us screenshot of the e-mail account settings (incoming and outgoing).
  4. If you have not received e-mails that you should have, always send us the following information: when the E-Mail was sent, from what address to where.

2. If your website or admin panel does not work correctly, send us always full error description and screenshot.

3. If you have lost files or emails from  your account, tell us, when was the last time they were still there.

4. If you can not access your site, DirectAdmin or e-mail, be sure to inform us of your Internet IP address (you can find it at:

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