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Radicenter KB

Server maintenance team monitors servers 24/7.

Helpdesk contacts are:
E-mail: support [@] radicenter.eu

Server Issues Report page is only for reporting critical server malfunction issues. Issues and failures caused by errors in website code will not be investigated.

NB! On the right, there are shown “Critical errors” that are only valid for sending server-issue report!

    Critical errors are:

    + The server is down
    + The server does answer to ping
    + cPanel control panel does not open
    + PHP is not available (or other critical PHP functionality failure)
    + FTP server does not respond
    + MySQL server does not respond
    + E-mail server error
    + Installatron does not work
    + Sitebuilder does not work

    After sending error report server team will examine the contents of the error message, and check whether it is a server-side error. When it is server malfunction, server team will immediately take appropriate measures.

    The server team will not send answers or give feedback concerning received error reports. Specific questions must be sent to Radicenter helpdesk.

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