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To change .ee domain owner, it is necessary to create a domain owner change application, this can be done from the customer area.

Enter the customer area from our webpage www.radicenter.ee > from the upper right corner choose CUSTOMER AREA.
Then choose “Create new order > Domain services > Domain ownerchange”.
From the drop-down menu select the domain, that you wish to change ownership and click on the “Add to shoppingcart” button.

Next click on the “Edit additional data” link, indicated with the red arrow.
Enter details of the new owner by filling in all the fields, marked with a red asterisk.
Click on the “Signature of registration application” link, fill in the details of the signatories and then press the “Generate application PDF for signing” button.
On the next page, the current domain owner and the new domain owner can sign the domain owner change application digitally.
If needed, it is possible to send an external link for signing to the other party.
To send the external link, click on the “Application can be signed also via external link” link and then it is possible to copy the link from the address bar and send it to the other party.

Similarly you can change .ee domain admin contact, by choosing “Domain services > Domain admin contact update” in customer area, or .ee domain technical contact, by choosing “Domain services > Domain technical contact update”.


To change the owner of .fi domain, please send us a request by e-mail from the contact email address of the domain.

Alternatively, you can send us a request for a .fi domain ownership change key from the customer account contact email address.

After receiving the request, we will send the .fi domain ownership change key via the .fi domain register to the contact email address of the respective .fi domain.


To change the owner of some other TLD domain, choose in customer area “Domains”, click on the appropriate domain and then click on the “Change owner contact details” link.
Domain admin contact details can be changed by clicking on the “Change admin contact details” link.

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