Moving domain to another web hosting package

To move a domain to a separate new web hosting package, you need to do the following: 1. download all necessary data from the old web hosting account (settings, DNS records, e-mails, website files, export website databases via the phpMyAdmin interface); 2. close the old web hosting account by sending a request from your account contact e-mail address to the customer support e-mail address; […]

Moving website to the Radicenter server

There are 2 ways to move the website: 1. You upload the files to our server by yourself 2. You order the service from us (paid additional service)   What should you know when moving a website? 1. Usually server management software is different at different service providers. – cPanel: Files/databases should be transferred – E-mails are transferred manually with help of a mail software […]

How to edit domains DNS/nameservers ?

1. Radicenter nameservers Radicenter nameservers are: Tho registrars may ask also nameservers IP’s to be added to nameservers fields, usually providing only name records will suffice!   2. Managing DNS (A , CNAME , TXT, …) records Managing DNS (A , CNAME , TXT, …) records is possible thru webhostingaccount (cPanel) , logging in to cPanel with main account credentials (username […]

Domain name/web hosting – what are those things?

Domain name / domain Domain name is the so-called postal code required for indexing your web hosting (files/emails/databases). More information about this can be found in the Wikipedia article. Radicenter is only domain reseller for various central registries (Estonian Internet Foundation for .ee domains, EURid for .eu domains, etc.). Domain prices are set by central registries.   Web hosting Web hosting is the so-called storage […]

How to register a domain?

You can see the domain price list on the following address:   To register a domain, choose in the customer area “Create new order > Add domain or service > New domain without hosting”.   On the next page, make the following selections: Hosting package: Do not associate domains with packages Domain: Buy new Domain title: Enter the domain name in the field and […]

In which cases it is necessary to verify domain owner contact details of an international domain (.com, .org, .net, .info, etc.)?

The ICANN International Domain Registry checks the relevance of the data in the domain registry and, therefore, sends an e-mail to the domain’s contact e-mail address, which contains a link to verify the domain owner’s data. If the data is not confirmed, the International Domain Registry will deactivate the domain. Data validation is required in the following cases: 1. When registering a domain – when […]

Is it possible to change the primary domain of the web hosting (cPanel) account?

The main domain of the cPanel environment can be changed, but it must be taken into account that after the change, it may be necessary to make changes or corrections to the configuration in order for everything to work again. If you wish to change the main domain of the cPanel environment, then you need to consider the following: 1. The new primary domain will […]

Is it possible to move domains from one web hosting (cPanel) account to another?

If you wish to move domains from one cPanel account to another, then this can only be done manually due to the complexity of this operation.   During the move, the following actions are required:   1. Domains and subdomains, that need to be moved, should be added to the new cPanel account. 2. All e-mail addresses need to be added to the new cPanel […]

What should be considered when a .eu domain expires?

After it’s expiration, .eu domain will be put to the quarantine by the .eu domain registry. To renew a domain, it is necessary to restore the domain from quarantine. Restoration of a .eu domain from quarantine costs 42.- (+ VAT), plus a 1-year renewal fee of 9.70 (+ VAT). This is a fee set by the .eu domain registry. (Learn more about EU domain quarantine: […]

How to transfer a .ee domain?

A domain authorization code is required to transfer a domain. You can ask for the authorization code from your current service provider. After you receive the authorization code, you can place an order to transfer the domain. NB! Before transferring the .ee domain, the DNSSEC service must be disabled. We recommend contacting your current service provider to disable DNSSEC service. You can check the status […]

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