How to make a WordPress website faster?

We have added the AccelerateWP add-on to our cPanel servers to help customers increase the performance of their WordPress website. By activating this add-on, it detects possible problems in advance that may arise during installation, and thus does not “break” your website, but displays a warning about possible problems and instructions to mitigate those. Activation is easy with a couple of mouse clicks from cPanel […]

Moving domain to another web hosting package

To move a domain to a separate new web hosting package, you need to do the following: 1. download all necessary data from the old web hosting account (settings, DNS records, e-mails, website files, export website databases via the phpMyAdmin interface); 2. close the old web hosting account by sending a request from your account contact e-mail address to the customer support e-mail address; […]

Moving website to the Radicenter server

There are 2 ways to move the website: 1. You upload the files to our server by yourself 2. You order the service from us (paid additional service)   What should you know when moving a website? 1. Usually server management software is different at different service providers. – cPanel: Files/databases should be transferred – E-mails are transferred manually with help of a mail software […]

How to manage files and change CHMOD permissions for files?

The files in the web hosting account can be managed and the CHMOD permissions of the files can be changed via the File Manager menu in cPanel: File Manager allows you to copy, move, compress and download/upload files and folders in your web hosting account. To see the options, make a mouse right-click on the file or on the folder and a drop-down menu will […]

How to install WordPress “wp-admin” extra security?

How to protect wp-admin folder yourself: 1. Log on to cPanel 2. From menu File Manager -> search for folder you want to protect with additional password, make a mouse right button click on this folder and choose “Password Protect” from the drop down menu 3. Enter: – Secure area name – Secure area username – Secure area password (NB! Recommended password is 20 char long, […]

How to detect malware on a website?

To detect malware on the website, there is a tool in cPanel called imunify AV+. With this tool, you can scan files in your web hosting account and identify the files that contain malware. To scan files, open the imunifyAV+ menu in the cPanel interface, and then click the “Start scanning” button: In the next window, select “YES, START SCAN”: ImunifyAV+ will then start scanning […]

How it is possible to identify website bottlenecks that affect loading speed?

For analyzing a website there is a tool in the cPanel interface called X-Ray App, which makes analyzing very easy. Open X-Ray App menu in the cPanel interface and click the “Start tracing” button to analyze a webpage: In the “Start tracing” window that opens, you can make the following options: URL: from the drop-down menu select the domain in your account, which webpage you […]

Does switching webhosting provider resolve issue with malware?

In short: no, changing service provider will not solve the situation if your website is infected with malware. If you continue to use the same, outdated, and vulnerable website software with another provider, the website will be hacked again and the malware will be added to your web hosting account again. This is in case the website is cleaned from malware when changing service provider. […]

How to install free Comodo AutoSSL certificates on your domains?

There is free Comodo AutoSSL possibility on all our cPanel servers (which is also auto-activated upon adding new domain/account to server). To check if under Your cpanel account for Your domain, AutoSSL has been activated, log on to Your cPanel account and check under SSL/TLS status. SSL/TLS status page shows auto-protected domains/subdomains with green circle and unprotected ones with red circle.   Possible issues and […]

How to allow external MySQL connections in cPanel environment?

Although there is “possibility” to allow external MySQL client connections to hostingaccounts under our cPanel server services, those are blocked on server level by default! However there is workaround to still use external connections for MySQL:

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