How to protect wp-admin folder yourself:

1. Log on to cPanel
2. From menu File Manager -> search for folder you want to protect with additional password, make a mouse right button click on this folder and choose “Password Protect” from the drop down menu
3. Enter:
– Secure area name
– Secure area username
– Secure area password (NB! Recommended password is 20 char long, contains a-z A-Z 0-9 ,.#!$* and can not be guessed by dictionary attack.)
wp-admin folder is now secured.


How to secure wp-login.php:

1. From cPanel go to File Manager -> search for WP root folder (folder where WP is installed) , open/create .htaccess from/for that folder.
2. Add to .htaccess before #Wordpress begin# tags the same code You generated for wp-admin folder .htaccess
Sample code:

01 ErrorDocument 401 "Access Denied"
02 ErrorDocument 403 "Access Denied"
04 <FilesMatch "wp-login.php">
05 AuthGroupFile /dev/null
06 AuthType Basic
07 AuthUserFile /home/YOURUSERNAME/domains/YOURDOMAIN/.htpasswd/public_html/wp-admin/.htpasswd
09 require valid-user
10 AuthType Basic
11 </FilesMatch>
13 <Files admin-ajax.php>
14 Order allow,deny
15 Allow from all
16 Satisfy any
17 </Files>


In case of errors:

1. Error 404 or constant “redirect loop”
You have forgot/needed to add following code to WP root folder .htaccess file at the beginning:

1 ErrorDocument 401 "Access Denied"
2 ErrorDocument 403 "Access Denied"


2. WP index page is asking for password although You secured wp-admin folder only
– Check that You secured certainly only wp-admin folder and not WP root folder
– It is possible that Your WP installation is using some third party plugin that is redirecting via  admin-ajax.php . As that file resides in wp-admin folder – Password and username are being asked. Solution would be to add following lines to WP root folder .htaccess and wp-admin folder .htaccess:

1 <Files admin-ajax.php>
2     Order allow,deny
3     Allow from all
4     Satisfy any
5 </Files>
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