The files in the web hosting account can be managed and the CHMOD permissions of the files can be changed via the File Manager menu in cPanel:

File Manager allows you to copy, move, compress and download/upload files and folders in your web hosting account.

To see the options, make a mouse right-click on the file or on the folder and a drop-down menu will open:

To password protect a publicly visible folder on the web, select “Password Protect” from the menu.

To change the permissions for a file or folder, select “Change Permissions” from the drop-down menu.

The default folder permissions are 755 or 750:

and file permissions are 644:

To completely restrict access to a file or folder, permissions 000 should be assigned to it:

The webpage files are in a “public_html” folder.

Additional domain webpage files are usually located in a “domains/”.


To upload a file to the server, select from the menu bar at the top “Upload”.

To add a new file, select from the menu bar at the top “+File”.

To add a new folder, select from the menu bar at the top “+Folder”.

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