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Changing e-mail account password

If you know the current password of your email account, then you can change it via webmail by choosing “Webmail Home> Password & Security”. Enter the new password for the email account in the “New Password” and “Confirm New Password” fields and click the “Save” button. NB! Click the “PASSWORD GENERATOR” button only if you would like cPanel to generate a random password for your […]

Saving PHP errors to error_log file

1. Log on to Your cPanel webhosting account 2. Select “MultiPHP INI Editor” 3. Select “Editor Mode” 4. From dropdown, select required domain, to where there is need to apply those changes 5. Add code: error_log = “/home/npXXXXXXX/logs/teiedomeeninimi_tld.error_log” log_errors = On Where “npXXXXXXX” must be changed to Your cPanel account username and “yourdomain_tld” replaced with Your domain name and save changes. Upon any errors, those […]

Changing the PHP version

Couple of customers have asked us possibility to change domains PHP version in cPanel webhosting account. This is supported in cPanel and also thru command line or via .htaccess file:

Changing the primary domain of your web hosting account (cPanel)

The main domain of the cPanel environment can be changed, but it must be taken into account that after the change, it may be necessary to make changes or corrections to the configuration in order for everything to work again. If you wish to change the main domain of the cPanel environment, then you need to consider the following: 1. The new primary domain will […]

Moving domains from one web hosting (cPanel) account to another

If you wish to move domains from one cPanel account to another, then this can only be done manually due to the complexity of this operation.   During the move, the following actions are required:   1. Domains and subdomains, that need to be moved, should be added to the new cPanel account. 2. All e-mail addresses need to be added to the new cPanel […]

Removing additional domain slots

Addon domain slot count will be shown on order if the web hosting package allows hosting multiple fully functional domains. Generally, for each fully functional domain, a separate web hosting package has to be purchased. Radicenter provides a convenient and cost-effective way to host up to 25 addon domains in a single web hosting package. For each addon domain, a small monthly fee of 1.50 […]

Entering the cPanel environment

You can use two addresses to enter cPanel: 1. Server’s address, for example: “https://cpX.radicenter.eu:2083/” (where X should be replaced by a letter a-z, address has been sent to you via e-mail after you have ordered the web hosting) 2. Customer owned domain, for example: “https://cpanel.yourdomain.com” (address ending “yourdomain.com” should be your personal domain name) cPanel username and password have been sent to you via e-mail. […]

Adding an email account in cPanel

You can add new e-mail accounts from the cPanel environment, under the “Email Accounts” menu, by clicking on the “+ Create” button on the right side. The following fields should be filled on the settings page: Domain: from this drop-down menu select the domain name, to which you wish to add a new email account; Username: enter the email address prefix that will precede the […]

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