How to protect the contact form on the website from spam bots?

In last years, we have seen many spam attempts on older CMS (Content Management Systems) (where during “attack”/spam spree, automated spambots will generate up to 5000 spam e-mails) Statistically most vulnerable are old and not updated WordPress and Joomla (2.5 and lower) CMS’es. What to do if/when Your website is used for spamming: – As we have constantly reminded in our notification e-mails, KB pages here […]

How to create mailing lists?

The more time passes, the more customers need to have correct mailing lists and software. By default, cPanel servers have Mailman software and managed mailing lists.   1. What is a Mailman mailing list and what is is for? In general: A mailing list is an “e-mail service” that forwards messages, that are sent to the mailing list address, to all e-mail addresses, that are […]

Horde webmail – what is it and how to customize it?

On cPanel servers, we recommend to use a webmail solution called Horde. Horde webmail has a wider range of functionality than the Roundcube webmail by default. For example the following functionalities can be highlighted: – mobile view by default (webmail is displayed correctly in mobile devices); – saving of sent email contacts (automatically saves sent e-mail addresses to the contact list); – customizing of the […]

How to set up an email account on an Android device?

To add an email account on your Android device, select “Settings > Accounts”:   Then select “+ Add account”:   On the Add account settings page, select “Personal (IMAP)”:   Then enter your e-mail address in the “Enter your email” field and click on the “MANUAL SETUP” link:   Select “Personal (IMAP)” again:   On the next page, enter the password for the e-mail account […]

How to set up an e-mail account in Microsoft Mail?

To add an e-mail account, select “+ New mail” from the top left menu in the Mail application:   Then choose “+Add account”:   On the next page choose “Advanced setup”:   Then choose “Internet email”:   On the Internet email account page it is necessary to fill in the following fields: Email address: enter your email address in this field User name: enter your […]

How to set up an e-mail account in Thunderbird?

When you set up Thunderbird for the first time, you’ll see the page below when you open the application. Enter your name or company name in the “Your full name” field. In the “Email address” field, enter your e-mail address, in the “Password” field, type the password for that e-mail account, and check the “Remember password” box. After that click on the “Configure manually” link: […]

How to set up an e-mail account in Outlook 365?

To add an e-mail account, select “File” in the upper left corner of Outlook:   Then select “Info > Account Settings > Account Settings”:   On the Account Settings page choose “New…”:   In the “Email address” field, enter your e-mail address, check the “Let me set up my account manually” box and click the “Connect” button:   Select “IMAP” as the email account type: […]

What to do if messages have disappeared from your email account?

How could this happen? There are several possibilities: 1. The e-mail program was updated – an error occurred while updating the e-mail software, which resulted in loss of messages; 2. Due to the user’s mistake – the user accidentally deleted the messages either via webmail or e-mail software; 3. The e-mail account has been accessed by an unauthorized person – the e-mail account password was […]

How to prevent e-mails from going to receivers spam folder?

In order to increase the reliability of outgoing e-mails and to prevent e-mails from going to receivers spam folder, the domain should have valid and correct SPF and DKIM records. To check these records, enter the cPanel environment and select “Email Deliverability” from the menu. Make sure the domains have “Valid” in the “Email Deliverability Status” column. If “Problems Exist” is listed instead, allow cPanel […]

How to enter webmail?

The webmail address is in the following form: (replace with your domain name) Username is email address. If you are not immediately directed to the inbox when entering the webmail, you need to click the “Open” button under the “Open your inbox” section. To access webmail, you need to know the password of your email address. If you do not know the password […]

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