There are 2 ways to move the website:
1. You upload the files to our server by yourself
2. You order the service from us (paid additional service)


What should you know when moving a website?

1. Usually server management software is different at different service providers.
– cPanel: Files/databases should be transferred – E-mails are transferred manually with help of a mail software – in case of other settings, compatibility between different servers software should be checked.
– Other server software: Same process as with cPanel

NB! You need to check PHP version used by the website (in the case of NodeJS/Ruby/.. apps, also the corresponding app software versions), as well as the compatibility and versions of the database engines!
(Usually, only newer database engines and server software are used, but in order for the website to function without errors and the database import to be successful, it is necessary to check the compatibility of the versions)

2. It may be necessary to configure Cron job again
– After transferring the website, it is necessary to check whether Cron jobs are working – if necessary, start / change them again

3. E-mails need to be transferred manually
– Using e-mail software, it is possible to import accounts via the IMAP protocol.
1. Same e-mail accounts should be created in our cPanel server (instructions can be found HERE)
2. Easiest way to transfer e-mails is to add each e-mail account twice in the e-mail software, one with old service provider e-mail server settings and other with our e-mail server settings and synchronize e-mails to corresponding mailboxes.
3. Move e-mails from one mailbox to another by dragging them with mouse by “drag-and-drop” method per folder and synchronize to the new mail server.
(It is recommended to copy the messages per folder, from the old e-mail account’s folder to the new e-mail account’s corresponding folder, because otherwise, by “transferring” everything directly, your e-mail application may give an error in case of a large volume of messages, and some or most of the messages may disappear)

– If old service provider uses Maildir/mBox/mDBox format – then you can upload the e-mails to a folder on your webhosting account, for example to “mailbackup” folder and then contact our customer support, and the server team can synchronize the uploaded e-mails per account. (Attention! Depending on the e-mail format used and the folders with special names, this operation may not always succeed! We recommend using manual synchronization with the e-mail software.)

NB! If you have several e-mail accounts, this operation should be performed separately for each mailbox.

4. Domains
Up to date information can be found HERE
In case of .EE and .FI domain registration transfer, information can be found – HERE
In case of international .com/.net/.org/… domain registration transfer, information can be found – HERE

– If you do not transfer the domain / domain is not managed by Radicenter, you should proceed as follows:
a) point the necessary name server records (mail/www/domain itself/cpanel/webmail/domain SPF) to the IP of our server (you can find the necessary IP in cPanel via the Zone Editor – instructions can be found HERE)
b) change domain nameservers to our nameservers:

– If you transfer domains
1) an authorization key is required to transfer domains (“Välittäjänvaihtavain” for .fi domains). For international domains it is necessary to remove the domain lock and to check status of the domain before transfer (in some cases, also turning off the WHOIS Privacy service of the domain, if it was in use).
2) change domain nameservers to our nameservers:

(Domain changes may take effect in about 2-48 hours for other service providers, about 0.5 – 2 hours for our services – if the domain still will not work after the mentioned time, please contact customer support!)

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