1. Radicenter nameservers

Radicenter nameservers are:


Tho registrars may ask also nameservers IP’s to be added to nameservers fields, usually providing only name records will suffice!

2. Managing DNS (A , CNAME , TXT, …) records

Managing DNS (A , CNAME , TXT, …) records is possible thru webhostingaccount (cPanel) , logging in to cPanel with main account credentials (username as rXXXXX or npXXXXX) by following steps:

1. Log on to cPanel account (instructions can be found HERE)
2. Go to:
cPanel -> DOMAINS -> Zone editor
3. Under domains list on the row with required domain, click “Manage”
– To change DNS record, click “Edit”
– To remove/delete DNS record, click “Delete”
– To add DNS record, click “Add record”

NB! DNS changes will be visible globally within/after 1 hour

3. Changing domain nameservers (ns1.*, ns2.*, ns3.*)

Domains nameservers can be changed via customerarea:
1. Log on to Radicenter customerarea (On Radicenter main webpage, click on CUSTOMERAREA on top right corner and log on with Your customerarea credentials (NB! Customerarea credentials differ from cPanel account credentials!))
2. From menu on the left, click on domain name.
3. On domain info page, below, click on link: “Change nameservers”
4. Remove old nameserver entries and add required new ones and press “Submit nameservers change request”
(NB! Automatic NS update may take time up to 0,5-24 h (Depending from domain name registry!))


To check if Your domain nameserver info or to verify, who is Your domain registrar:
for .EE domains: EIS webpage
for .FI domains: Viestintäviraston webpage
for .EU domains: EURID webpage
for .RU domains: NIC.RU webpage
for .UK domains: NomiNet webpage
all other international domain names: DomainTools webpage

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