You can add new e-mail accounts from the cPanel environment, under the “Email Accounts” menu, by clicking on the “+ Create” button on the right side.

The following fields should be filled on the settings page:

Domain: from this drop-down menu select the domain name, to which you wish to add a new email account;

Username: enter the email address prefix that will precede the @ symbol (name for example);

Password: enter the password, that you wish to assign to this new email address.

NB! If you wish to set the password for the e-mail address by yourself, do not press the “Generate” button – this button generates a random password.

Password must have a security score of 65 or higher. Below the password field, you can see the security score of the entered password.


Under “Optional Settings > Edit Settings” option you can also set a size limit for your email account.

When all necessary information has been entered, click the “+ Create” button at the bottom of the settings page.

User can access the e-mail account via webmail, which is located on the following address:

Address ending should be the user’s domain name.

Webmail allows the user to create redirects, auto-replies, email filters, and more.


You can see the necessary information to set up your email program when you sign in to webmail.

Log in to webmail with the same email account, that you wish to set up.

After logging in, select Configure Mail Client” from the menu. If you reach your mailbox directly, click the Webmail Home” link in the menu, and then select Configure Mail Client”.

The Configure Mail Client” page shows all the necessary settings. The page also offers automatic configuration for the most common e-mail programs.


You can also find the email settings generator on the following page:


The cPanel environment address is in the following form:

The last part of the address “” should be your domain name.

The cPanel username is in the form “r0000” or “np0000”.

You can see the cPanel username from your customer area, under the “Web hosting” menu.


If you have lost your password, click on the Reset Password link below the Log In button. Enter your username, click on the Reset Password button and then enter your e-mail address that is associated with your account. Click on the button Send Security Code. A security code will be sent to you by e-mail. Enter the code when asked and click on the button Submit. After that, enter your desired new password and save it with the Set Password button.

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