A domain authorization code is required to transfer a domain.
You can ask for the authorization code from your current service provider.
After you receive the authorization code, you can place an order to transfer the domain.

NB! Before transferring the .ee domain, the DNSSEC service must be disabled. We recommend contacting your current service provider to disable DNSSEC service. You can check the status of the DNSSEC service on the .EE WHOIS page. If DNSSEC is enabled during domain transfer, the domain transfer will fail.

To place an order, select “Create new order > Add domain or service > Transfer domain (only domain transfer)” in your customer area.

Under the section “Domain” select “Transfer domain”.
Enter the domain name in the “Domain title” field and select the “ee” extension from the drop-down menu on the right.

Then you need to accept the agreement and add the order to the shopping cart by clicking the “Add to shoppingcart” button.

On the next page, click the “Edit additional data” link and enter the domain authorization code in the “Auth. code” field.

If all the data, associated with the domain, has been moved or does not need to be moved and you wish to change the domain name servers to Radicenter name servers, then check the “Name servers will be changed” box.

If you wish, you can change the name servers later, after the domain will be transferred.

Click the “Save” button and then “Confirm order”.

On the next page, check the box “I confirm customer details and agree with purchase and return Terms And Services”, click the “Next step” button and then the “Confirm Order” button.

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