Moving domain to another web hosting package

To move a domain to a separate new web hosting package, you need to do the following: 1. download all necessary data from the old web hosting account (settings, DNS records, e-mails, website files, export website databases via the phpMyAdmin interface); 2. close the old web hosting account by sending a request from your account contact e-mail address to the customer support e-mail address; […]

How to use FTP?

FTP user accounts can be added from cPanel under FILES menu – FTP accounts. The cPanel main username also acts as the FTP username. In addition, FTP accounts can be created in the PREFERENCES – User Manager menu. You can also grant FTP or Webdisk user rights to existing e-mail addresses. (In User Manager, you can assign another alternate contact email (such as Gmail) to […]

What is WebDisk in cPanel and how to use it?

WebDisk on cPanel servers   WebDisk allows cPanel servers to access files on the server directly from a computer via the WebDav protocol. What should be followed before deploying WebDisk: 1. Your domain should have a valid SSL certificate 2. “Digest authentication” should not be set 3. A valid separate user with a specific folder should be created: – cPanel -> Files -> WebDisk – […]

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