WebDisk on cPanel servers


WebDisk allows cPanel servers to access files on the server directly from a computer via the WebDav protocol.

What should be followed before deploying WebDisk:
1. Your domain should have a valid SSL certificate
2. “Digest authentication” should not be set
3. A valid separate user with a specific folder should be created:
– cPanel -> Files -> WebDisk
– “Create an additional Web Disk Account” – fields should be filled (NB! It is recommended to leave the last checkbox unchecked!)
(“Directory” – on this field / is equal to the root folder of the account!)
– click on the button “Create”

WebDisk username created in the account is in the form of: username@yourdomain.com
WebDisk can be accessed with browser (for example, to download files) from web address, that is in form of: https://yourdomain.com:2078/
In “Configure Client Access” you can download a web disk configuration script for different systems.


Examples in use:


Windows 10
1. Open File Explorer
2. Type the following address on the folder address field in a form of: https://yourdomain.com:2078


Windows 7
Windows 7 unfortunately still has partial webdav and basic auth support – more information can be found at this link:



As a workaround it is possible to connect with webdav:
1. Start -> Run -> cmd
2. Write the following command:

1 net use Z: \\yourdomain.com@SSL@2078\DavWWWRoot

Where you can replace Z with a disk letter, that is not in use and “yourdomain.com” should be replaced with your doman name!
This command maps your webdisk as a network drive (it also asks for a username and password!)


NB! If there are problems reconnecting the disk after a restart:
1. Open the following path in File Explorer:

1 %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\


2. A file (for example webdisk.bat) should be created in that folder and the following contents should be added:

1 @echo off
2 net use /delete Z: > NUL
3 @echo Re-connecting Web Disk
4 net use Z: \\yourdomain.com@SSL@2078\DavWWWRoot /user:username@yourdomain.com PASSWORD


Where can you replace Z with a disk letter that is not in use and yourdomain.com and PASSWORD should then be replaced with your domain and with a password, that you use for this username!
Each time the computer restarts and the corresponding user logs in, webdisk.bat is also started and your WebDisk is properly mapped to the computer!

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