FTP user accounts can be added from cPanel under FILES menu – FTP accounts.
The cPanel main username also acts as the FTP username.
In addition, FTP accounts can be created in the PREFERENCES – User Manager menu.
You can also grant FTP or Webdisk user rights to existing e-mail addresses.
(In User Manager, you can assign another alternate contact email (such as Gmail) to your email account, which allows the user to reset their email account password if necessary.)


cPanel allows only properly secured TLS connection to FTP/SFTP. (Not updated programs can not authenticate properly with server, thus residing with TLS/SSL connection errors)
cPanel allows ONLY properly authenticated SSL/TLS connections to FTP/SFTP!


1. cPanel – FTP(s)

FTP server is as ftp.registered-domain-name.xyz (access also works with XXX.radicenter.eu – where XXX is server’s name (as cpa/cpb/…)!)
FTP port is 21
(Where registered-domain-name.xyz must be replaced by Your domain name!)

NB! If Your FTP program tries TLS secured connection (ex. FileZilla) but gets error about faulty TLS or TLS authentication You should UPDATE FTP software to newest version!
(cPanel does not allow TLS connections using old TLS/SSL mechanisms/protocols – for example Notepad++ npFTP program uses still old openssl libraries. In this case one should immediately update software to latest version or use connection without TLS/SSL!)

You can log on to FTP by username and password provided to You upon FTP account creation.
You can add new FTP accounts via cPanel.
“FTP Accounts” -> Add FTP Account
(From there You may give user also its own folder to use for FTP.)
Added usernames are as user@registered-domain-name.xyz
(where registered-domain-name.xyz must be replaced by Your domain name!)


2. cPanel – SFTP

SFTP server address is as ftp.registered-domain-name.xyz or as registered-domain-name.xyz (where registered-domain-name.xyz must be replaced by Your domain name!)
SFTP server port is 22.

You can log on to SFTP server with Your cPanel webhosting account username ONLY.
NB! For SFTP and SSH authentication to work, You need authorized punlic-/privatekey key-pairs.
Key-pairs can be created/authorized by instructions on page HERE
(cPanel -> SECURITY -> SSH Access -> Manage SSH Keys)


3. Additional info:

– If Your account has been migrated to cPanel and You can log on there but not to FTP:
1. Log on to Your cPanel account
2. Change main users password: “Password & Security” -> “Change Password”


4. Location of website files on the server

Website files must be placed in a directory located in:
In PHP scripts, the home directory must be set to:

For additional domains, the file directory on the website is different, for example:
In PHP scripts, the directory must be set to:

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