In short: no, changing service provider will not solve the situation if your website is infected with malware.

If you continue to use the same, outdated, and vulnerable website software with another provider, the website will be hacked again and the malware will be added to your web hosting account again.

This is in case the website is cleaned from malware when changing service provider.
If you do not clean website from malware when changing service provider, you will transfer your infected website to another service provider and the website will remain infected and the website issue with malware will remain.

In addition, you need to take into account, that the service provider changing process is quite complicated and time consuming.
It is necessary to move website files, database, content of e-mail accounts and also the website should be set up on the new server.

Instead of focusing on switching service provider, we recommend you to scan the files on your web hosting account and remove the malware from the account.

If the malware infection didn’t occur a long time ago, then we can restore your web hosting account from a backup (as a paid service), where your web hosting account was free of malware or had less malware on the account. This makes it easier to clean your web hosting account from malware.

After removing malware, the website software and all plugins/themes should be updated.

In addition, the passwords for the cPanel environment, FTP accounts, and website database user should be changed, and the website database user password should be updated in the website configuration file.

It is also necessary to change the password of the website management interface and check that no suspicious users have been added to the management interface, if necessary, these users should be removed.

Above mentioned actions should also be performed when changing the service provider, otherwise the website will be corrupted soon.

In this situation, we recommend you to contact your website developer.
Website developer can review your website and take necessary actions.

Website software is chosen by website account owner or the website developer chosen by the account holder, therefore, it is the responsibility of the account holder.
Our server team makes sure that the server software (such as cPanel) is secure and up-to-date.

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