Enter cPanel environment.

In cPanel choose “Two-Factor Authentication” under “SECURITY”:


Next click on the “Set Up Two-Factor Authentication” button:


Next you need to scan the QR code. To do that, you need to install Google Authenticator app on your mobile device.

You can install Google Authenticator for an Android device via Google Play and for an iOS (Apple) device via the App Store.

After Google Authenticator has been installed, open it and in the application, in the bottom right corner click on the “+” sign and then choose  “Scan a QR code”.

Then point the device’s camera to the QR code in the cPanel page and scan it.

If for some reason it is not possible to scan the QR code, then in Google Authenticator choose “Enter a setup key” and enter in the field “Your key” that you will find on the cPanel page on the“Key” field – just like shown on the picture.

After the code has been added to Google Authenticator it will start generating 6 string codes.


To activate 2-step authentication, enter the code, generated by Google Authenticator to the Security code” field and then press the “Configure Two-Factor Authentication” button:

2-step authentication has now been activated.


If you want to turn off 2-step authentication, press the “Remove Two-Factor Authentication” button:


NB! If for any reason you no longer have the Google Authenticator application and you are unable to access the cPanel interface to turn off 2-step authentication, you should contact support at support@radicenter.eu. The request should be sent to us from the account contact email address.


You can find information about Google Authenticator from HERE.

You can find Google Authenticator installation instructions from HERE.

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