If you wish to move domains from one cPanel account to another, then this can only be done manually due to the complexity of this operation.


During the move, the following actions are required:


1. Domains and subdomains, that need to be moved, should be added to the new cPanel account.

2. All e-mail addresses need to be added to the new cPanel account and the passwords, that were in use under the old cPanel account need to be assigned (this requires copying the “etc/*/shadow” files containing the passwords).
3. Website files, associated with domains and subdomains, email account data files need to be moved to the new account.

4. SQL databases and SQL users need to be created under the new cPanel account, necessary rights need to be set for SQL users to be able to access SQL databases.
SQL databases need to be exported from the old cPanel account and this data needs to be imported into SQL databases under the new cPanel account.

5. Website software settings need to be reviewed, folder paths, SQL database usernames, database names, and passwords need to be changed as they are all different from the website data, that was located on the old cPanel account.
Without this step, the website will not work under the new cPanel account.

6. A check needs to be done, if the website starts working properly under the new cPanel account.
It is often necessary to make some additional changes in website settings that cannot be foreseen. Website platforms are very different from each other and have different nuances.

7. Domains, that have been moved, need to be deleted from the old cPanel account.


All these operations can be done by yourself.
If you wish to order this work from us, then according to the price list, the price is 79.- EUR (+ VAT) for each domain move.

(You can see the price list on the next page: price list)

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