Domain name/web hosting – what are those things?

Domain name / domain Domain name is the so-called postal code required for indexing your web hosting (files/emails/databases). More information about this can be found in the Wikipedia article. Radicenter is only domain reseller for various central registries (Estonian Internet Foundation for .ee domains, EURid for .eu domains, etc.). Domain prices are set by central registries.   Web hosting Web hosting is the so-called storage […]

How to cancel services?

To cancel services, it is necessary to send an application from your account contact e-mail address to the Radicenter customer support e-mail address Be sure to write down, which service you wish to cancel (either a domain name or a web hosting account username) and the date, from which you wish to cancel. Please note, if you cancel the web hosting service, all services […]

How to start using the services?

In order to start using Radicenter’s services, it is necessary to create a customer account. Ordering new services and continuing existing ones can be done from the Customer Area. To create an account, select “Customer Area” at the upper right corner on the Radicenter website, then click the “Create a new client account” button. When registering, you can join as a private client or as […]

Is it possible to extend services with an electronic invoice?

Currently, we issue electronic invoices only to organizations related to state institutions and local governments. To activate e-invoicing, please send us a request from the contact email address of your account. Be sure to write down the registration code of the organization in the letter. To pay by e-invoice, click on the link in the reminder email, that we sent you. You will then reach […]

How to view/download paid invoices?

You can view and download all invoices from the customer area. You can access the customer area from our website by selecting the CUSTOMER AREA from the top right and then logging in with your customer area username and password. After logging in to the customer area, select “Orders/Invoices” from menu, located on the left. If you can’t log in to the client area […]

How to change the invoice recipient?

All invoices are issued to customer’s name and invoice receiver/customer data can not be updated afterwards. To change name on invoice you need to change the customer. To change customer – please create a new customer account on our webpage ( > on top right choose “CUSTOMER AREA” and “Create new client account”). When the new customer account has been created, please send us a […]

How to extend a domain or web hosting service?

To renew the domain registration or extend webhosting, click the link in the reminder email, that we sent you. You will then reach the shopping cart, where you next need to click on the “To checkout” button, agree to the terms and conditions and confirm the account details, after which you can choose the appropriate payment method. It is possible to pay either via the […]

How to enter the customer area?

Customer area can be accessed from our website ( -> “CUSTOMER AREA” at the top right). In the customer area, you can order new services, extend existing services, view and download paid invoices.   If you can’t log in to the customer area, because you forgot your username or password, click on the “Forgot your password” button on the client area login page. Enter your […]

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