To renew the domain registration or extend webhosting, click the link in the reminder email, that we sent you.

You will then reach the shopping cart, where you next need to click on the “To checkout” button, agree to the terms and conditions and confirm the account details, after which you can choose the appropriate payment method.

It is possible to pay either via the bank link by clicking on the logo of the respective bank, or download the invoice for manual payment (button “I want to make a manual payment”).

We recommend that you make a payment via a bank link, as then the payment will reach us in an instant and the services will be extended within minutes.


If you have not received reminder emails, then the contact e-mail address in the customer’s account contact details is not working or is no longer in use.

In this case, you should log in to the client area from our website ( -> “CUSTOMER AREA” at the top right) and select “Domains” or “Web hosting” from the menu, then click the “EXTEND” button.

Be sure to review your contact address by clicking the “PROFILE” button.

If necessary, update your contact address. The reminder letters sent out by us are all registered and you can see them in the customer area under “Notifications”.


If you can’t log in to the client area because you forgot your username or password, click the “Forgot your password” button on the client area login page.

Enter your email address or domain name (but not both at the same time) and a new password twice.

A confirmation email will be sent to the client account email address, containing a link to confirm your new password.

You will also find your username in the confirmation email.

After confirmation, you can log in to the customer area with a new password.

If the e-mail address marked as the contact address of the client account is permanently inaccessible, please send us a digitally signed application to with information which account contact e-mail address you would like to change and the new contact e-mail address.

The application must be digitally signed by the account owner or account owner’s legal representative.


NB! If opening a payment link will direct you to sign up for a new account, then copy the full payment link from the reminder email, open your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, or another), copy the payment link to that browser’s address bar, and open that address.
You can then continue to renew your services.
Sometimes it is enough, if you reopen the payment link in the reminder email.

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