Currently, we issue electronic invoices only to organizations related to state institutions and local governments.

To activate e-invoicing, please send us a request from the contact email address of your account.

Be sure to write down the registration code of the organization in the letter.

To pay by e-invoice, click on the link in the reminder email, that we sent you. You will then reach the shopping cart, where you next need to click on the “To checkout” button, agree to the terms and conditions and confirm the account details, after which you can choose the payment method by clicking on the “Choose payment method” button. Then click on the “Payment by e-invoice” button. After pressing the button, the e-invoice is sent according to the registry code of the organization via the channel specified by the organization.

NB! If you are a subdivision of a city/county – the registration code of your organization (not a city or county) should be indicated in the customer account details to avoid confusion!

Through the e-invoice Center, the corresponding e-invoice moves along the necessary roads to the correct administrative authority with the registry code of your institution!

The e-invoice moves via the e-invoice center to the appropriate institution with your registration code!

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