The main domain of the cPanel environment can be changed, but it must be taken into account that after the change, it may be necessary to make changes or corrections to the configuration in order for everything to work again.

If you wish to change the main domain of the cPanel environment, then you need to consider the following:

1. The new primary domain will acquire all the settings of the current primary domain.
For example, but not limited to, email forwarding, PHP.ini settings, accesses, etc.
Some settings that were used with the old main domain may not work with the new main domain or may cause unexpected problems and situations.
Therefore, it is important that after changing the main domain, you will check all the settings and adjust them accordingly.

2. Changing the primary domain can also lead to other unexpected problems such as the loss of custom DNS records.
Therefore, changing the main domain is always a risk and must be taken into account.

NB! Radicenter is not responsible for any issues or losses resulting from the change of the main domain.

To change the main domain, please send a request to
In the application, indicate which main domain you wish to change and to which domain.

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