How could this happen?

There are several possibilities:

1. The e-mail program was updated – an error occurred while updating the e-mail software, which resulted in loss of messages;
2. Due to the user’s mistake – the user accidentally deleted the messages either via webmail or e-mail software;
3. The e-mail account has been accessed by an unauthorized person – the e-mail account password was too simple or the user’s computer has malware).

Emails can only be recovered if you have used this email account through our webmail or through an IMAP account.
With a POP3 account, messages are only stored on the user’s computer, in which case we can’t restore them.
Also, if the POP3 account is set up to delete older messages from the server, then we also cannot restore them.
If you use a POP3 account in your e-mail software, in this case you need to change the software settings so, that the e-mails will not be deleted from the server.

To restore the messages, we need to know when were the messages deleted or when were the messages still present on the e-mail account.

Restoring letters from a backup is a paid service according to the price list.

You can see the price list of additional services at the following address:

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Ok, got it.