How to set PHP time?

The PHP time can be set as follows: 1. Via cPanel by choosing SOFTWARE > “MultiPHP INI Editor” per domain manually: date.timezone = Europe/Tallinn 2. In index, autoload, bootstrap or config PHP script, after php tag: ini_set(‘date.timezone’, ‘Europe/Tallinn’);

How to save PHP errors to error_log file?

1. Log on to Your cPanel webhosting account 2. Select “MultiPHP INI Editor” 3. Select “Editor Mode” 4. From dropdown, select required domain, to where there is need to apply those changes 5. Add code: error_log = “/home/npXXXXXXX/logs/teiedomeeninimi_tld.error_log” log_errors = On Where “npXXXXXXX” must be changed to Your cPanel account username and “yourdomain_tld” replaced with Your domain name and save changes. Upon any errors, those […]

How to change the PHP version?

Couple of customers have asked us possibility to change domains PHP version in cPanel webhosting account.

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