In order to increase the reliability of outgoing e-mails and to prevent e-mails from going to receivers spam folder, the domain should have valid and correct SPF and DKIM records.
To check these records, enter the cPanel environment and select “Email Deliverability” from the menu.
Make sure the domains have “Valid” in the “Email Deliverability Status” column.
If “Problems Exist” is listed instead, allow cPanel to add SPF and DKIM entries for the domain by clicking the “REPAIR” button.
If pressing the “REPAIR” button does not solve the situation, press the “MANAGE” button to add entries manually.
On the next page, select “Generate Local DKIM Key” under “DKIM” and then “Install The Suggested Record”.
Under “SPF” select “Install The Suggested Record”.

If you also send messages via another server, you can add the address of that server to the SPF record on this page.

The tool for creating SPF records can be found at the following address:

NB! After adding or modifying SPF and DKIM records, it takes up to 1 hour for the new DNS records to propagate.

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