Please consider the following when transferring a domain:

1. A domain authorization code (AUTH code or EPP code) is required to transfer a domain.
You can ask for the the authorization code from your current service provider.

2. The domain should be unlocked, domain status should be “Status: OK”.
If the domain is locked, the status is marked as “Status: ClientTransferProhibited”.
You can check the status of your domain at:

3. To transfer a domain, the domain must be at least 60 days old, at least 60 days should have passed since the domain was registered.

4. Make sure that the contact email address of the domain owner (Registrant) is valid and working.
Information regarding the change of domain service provider (confirmation letter) will be sent to the domain owner’s address.

5. If the domain owner’s data privacy service (WHOIS privacy) is turned on for the domain, then we recommend you to turn it off while the domain is being transferred.

6. If you change the domain owner’s information at the current registrar, the domain may be locked for 60 days.

When transferring a domain, it is necessary to pay an annual domain fee.
During the change of service provider, the domain registration is extended by 1 year.

To transfer a domain, select in your customer area “Create new order > Add domain or service > Transfer domain (only domain transfer)”.

After the order has been made, a letter will be sent to the domain owner’s contact email address with instructions to confirm the change of domain provider.
After verification, it may take 5-7 business days for the domain transfer to complete.

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