What to do if messages have disappeared from your email account?

How could this happen? There are several possibilities: 1. The e-mail program was updated – an error occurred while updating the e-mail software, which resulted in loss of messages; 2. Due to the user’s mistake – the user accidentally deleted the messages either via webmail or e-mail software; 3. The e-mail account has been accessed by an unauthorized person – the e-mail account password was […]

How to restore access to the website’s administration panel?

To get access to your website administration panel, you need to contact the website developer. If you are unable to contact the site developer, you can try to restore access by yourself. WordPress content management Content management login page address is in the following format: https://domain.com/wp-admin/ (replace domain.com with your domain name) On the website’s content management login page, there is a link to reset […]

How to prevent e-mails from going to receivers spam folder?

NB! As of February 2024, Gmail’s spam detection rules have changed. An SPF and DKIM record is required for the domain (more information below), and the requirements for domains that send 5,000 and more emails per day also changed. More information from Google articles: Email sender guidelines: https://support.google.com/a/answer/81126 Prevent spam, spoofing & phishing with Gmail authentication: https://support.google.com/a/answer/10583557 ——————— NOTE! As of June 7th, 2022, the […]

How to enter webmail?

The webmail address is in the following form: https://webmail.domain.com (replace domain.com with your domain name) Username is email address. If you are not immediately directed to the inbox when entering the webmail, you need to click the “Open” button under the “Open your inbox” section. To access webmail, you need to know the password of your email address. If you do not know the password […]

How to set up the spam filter?

Our servers check every incoming email. The sender, the sender’s trustworthiness, the content of the message and attachments are also checked. However, 100% spam filtering cannot be guaranteed. The user can adjust the strength of the spam filter. To do this, you need to log in with the corresponding e-mail address from the Webmail address https://webmail.domain.com (replace domain.com with your own domain name) If you’re […]

How to change email account password?

If you know the current password of your email account, then you can change it via webmail by choosing “Webmail Home> Password & Security”. Enter the new password for the email account in the “New Password” and “Confirm New Password” fields and click the “Save” button. NB! Click the “PASSWORD GENERATOR” button only if you would like cPanel to generate a random password for your […]

How to save PHP errors to error_log file?

1. Log on to Your cPanel webhosting account 2. Select “MultiPHP INI Editor” 3. Select “Editor Mode” 4. From dropdown, select required domain, to where there is need to apply those changes 5. Add code: error_log = “/home/npXXXXXXX/logs/teiedomeeninimi_tld.error_log” log_errors = On Where “npXXXXXXX” must be changed to Your cPanel account username and “yourdomain_tld” replaced with Your domain name and save changes. Upon any errors, those […]

In which cases it is necessary to verify domain owner contact details of an international domain (.com, .org, .net, .info, etc.)?

The ICANN International Domain Registry checks the relevance of the data in the domain registry and, therefore, sends an e-mail to the domain’s contact e-mail address, which contains a link to verify the domain owner’s data. If the data is not confirmed, the International Domain Registry will deactivate the domain. Data validation is required in the following cases: 1. When registering a domain – when […]

How to change the PHP version?

Couple of customers have asked us possibility to change domains PHP version in cPanel webhosting account.

Is it possible to change the primary domain of the web hosting (cPanel) account?

The main domain of the cPanel environment can be changed, but it must be taken into account that after the change, it may be necessary to make changes or corrections to the configuration in order for everything to work again. If you wish to change the main domain of the cPanel environment, then you need to consider the following: 1. The new primary domain will […]

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